With more and more pressure on leaders and team members to ‘perform’, despite great investment by many organisations on professional development and training there is still a growing number of unmotivated and disengaged employees.

In fact, the latest research from Gallup* reports 85% of employees are either not engaged or worse, actively disengaged.


Because despite all the great training and development, the core of the issue is still not being addressed.

We are all unique. We all think, feel and behave differently and therefore if given the opportunity to lean into our core talents greater productivity, motivation and performance naturally occurs.

Is that to say that key tasks, processes and activities should all be approached differently – of course not! But having a greater appreciation of your own ‘operating system’ and that of others around you can lead to massive shifts in cohesiveness and engagement of the team. 

So what does CliftonStrengths have to do with this?

If anyone is a regular listener of the Momentum Life Project podcast, you’ll know that we talk a lot about CliftonStrengths and it’s very much our favourite child.


Because of all of the behavioural assessments and personality profile tools out there (and there are some great ones!) it’s the one that we have found to be the most accessible and the most practical.

  • It’s the one that can most easily be linked to performance development.
  • It’s the one that can bring immediate self-awareness and practical application to drive positive behavioural outcomes.
  • It’s the one team leaders and department heads can use to integrate a common language and enhance cohesion and engagement of the team.

By the team knowing their strength profiles and those of their colleagues, the dynamics start to change, frustrations dissolve and greater productivity results.

There’s much talk of millennials needing more than a paycheque. They are seeking purpose, meaning and a greater sense of contribution not only for themselves but also demanding it from the places they work.

CliftonStrengths brings an approach where the focus is on what’s right with people vs how to fix weaknesses. This drives a greater sense of accomplishment, a greater understanding of the unique talents we all have and how we can bring our own specific contributions to the team.

Using this as a key tool in the work we do with organisations therefore starts to bridge the gap between personal and professional development and build the awareness of how to gain greater alignment in work, life and play.

There’s a reason 90% of the fortune 500 use CliftonStrengths. For more information on how you can build a strengths-based approach in your organisation drop me an email at: kerry@themomentumarchitects.com

…….because global change really does start with individual momentum.

*State of the Global Workplace (published Dec 2017)

Photo by bruce mars from Pexels

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