Welcome to the first Momentum Life Project great debate. Okay so it’s more of a discussion but on today’s episode Kerry D and Dr M battle out as to who is right when it comes to how to use the Steven Covey / Eisenhower Decision Matrix.

If you haven’t yet listened to episode 8 where they both talk about being always right, go back and check it out because this will make so much more sense!

For context, if you’ve not heard of the tool it has 4 quadrants which allows you to categorise tasks, activities, projects etc. into one of 4 ‘buckets’ 1. something that is urgent and important 2. something that is not urgent but is important 3. something that is urgent but not important and 4. something that is not urgent and not important.

Kerry D and Dr M largely agree on the use of number 3 and 4 on the list above with things that are ‘urgent but not important’ largely being other people’s stuff and the ‘not urgent, not important’ are those things that cause procrastination and time wasting.

Where they differ is that Dr M doesn’t really believe that quadrant 2 – the ‘not urgent but important’ space exists at all. When she has something important to do then she simply makes it urgent.

Kerry D argues that for a lot of us this is actually the space where more momentum can be gained because these are the tasks and activities – the really deep work that move us forward but these are the projects that always stay on the bottom of the list because there’s more pressing and ‘urgent’ things to be done.

Who do you agree with!?

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