Simple tips, tools and strategies to help you live your best life

Let’s get started now …

What does living your best life mean to you?…

…Is it running your own business? Travelling the world? Having the time to hang out with your family? Getting that big promotion at work? Having an abundance of health, wealth and happiness?

Whatever living your best life means to you, whatever your goals and dreams look like, it’s much easier to achieve when you have the right tips, tools, strategies and support.

That’s where the Momentum Movement comes in. It’s a subscription-based club filled with like-minded humans all wanting to push forward and live their absolute best life.

And you can be a part of it too – become a ‘momentum maker’ now and get simple tips, tools and strategies to design your best life…

…all for less than the price of a cocktail per month!

You’re amazing. But what if you were even MORE amazing? 

Since starting the Momentum Movement I’ve figured out what to do with my life and I’ve had the guts to make a start. Couldn’t have done it without you Kerry and the Momentum Movement.

Megan W

The Momentum Movement gave me everything I signed up for and more. Kerry was involved, active and by my side from the start, which gave me the exact kick start I needed. Only a few weeks in and I already know more about myself and what I need to focus on to grow. I would recommend the movement to all my friends, personal and professional!”

Julia U

I’m loving the self discovery, the accountability and motivation to achieve my full potential! This membership is worth it weight in gold. It’s been inspiring to workshop ideas and goals with other Momentum Makers in our online community hub.

Jasmine M


What you get…

Group Coaching ✺ Self Development ✺ Accountability ✺ Community


Setting you up for success

As soon as you sign up, you’ll get access to the ‘Which Momentum Maker Are You?’ Quiz designed to find out where you’re at RIGHT now and what’s going to benefit you MOST. The results from here will make sure all the monthly mini-challenges are tailored for just what you need to get clarity, control and a game plan to take action. So whether you’re a ‘stressed out Sarah’, a ‘lost Lisa’ or a ‘next level Nicole’ a new way forward is coming to you!


Where the magic happens

Every month we come together, jump online and hang out. This is a full group coaching session where the community  will set a theme each month to focus on, but we’ll also go deep into a Q&A-style to get all of those stress-busting, mindset-mastering, performance enhancing questions answered so you can really start to excel.


Hang out with your fellow Momentum Makers

When you join the Momentum Movement and become a ‘momentum maker’ you are given access to a very special member-only community group (which is also a handy app on your phone). This is our inner sanctum, it’s our safe space to celebrate our wins, share our struggles and collectively work on being awesome humans. I’m in there hanging out, answering questions and guiding you through along with the rest of the community and you know what, the more you put in, the more you’re going to get out.


Because accountability is the key to success 

There’s a reason why we have personal trainers, or business coaches or we join weight-loss groups like Weight Watchers. It’s called accountability and it’s A KEY FACTOR in whether you will succeed or fail in your goals. Think about it, we’ve all done it maybe it’s a new exercise regime. You’re soooo motivated and full of energy the first few days, maybe even the first few weeks but then something happens, the excitement starts to fade, you miss one, and then two and then a whole week has gone by. Your weekly check-ins give you accountability, inspiration and permission to stick to your goals and live your best life all at once!


Bite-sized pieces of momentum making goodness 

Each week you’ll get access to a new ‘Momentum Moment’ – this is bite-sized coaching delivered in a video or mini-member-only-podcast focusing on a specific coaching question, tip, performance hack or life design suggestion. Each Momentum Moment is only a few minutes long meaning you can easily fit it in to your schedule. 


Review, reflect and then future-cast 

One of the keys to feeling more calm, organised and in control is to allow yourself the time to reflect and review. Each month you’ll get the chance to look back over the last 30 days and see what went well, what you achieved and what could have been better and then set intention and action items for the next 30. Seeing your goals written down with the clarity and the reasoning behind is SUCH an inspo-boost that you can’t help but take action.


The ultimate self-optimisation 

Now, I know you don’t want more ‘work’ and are already battling with an over-stuffed life so don’t stress, I’m not going to make you find hours and hours each month to complete these. BUT… the key to taking back control, getting clear on what you want and how to get it is to really master your mindset. So these mini-challenges – tailored to which momentum maker type you are most like are designed to reframe thinking, shift perception and tweak your current way of doing things. Think vision boarding, life ‘audits’, positive habit tracking and negative self-talk solutions all designed for the ultimate in self-optimisation.


Get your notebook ready 

Workshop-style quarterly online masterclasses designed to deep-dive into specific topics areas and performance ‘hacks’ to accelerate your momentum and really switch your life into next gear. These will be high paced, super interactive sessions bringing you the best from neuroscience, positive psychology and behaviour change research. 


Because you’re one of us now

As one of the special ones, you’re at the very front of the queue to get all of the pre-released info, special bonuses and extras on any and all new program releases as well as Momentum Life Project events, workshops, special dinners and experiences.

Ready? Let’s do this!




This is for you if…

  • You have goals, dreams, ambitions and are committed to living your best life. 
  • You’re someone who knows, just knows that deep. deep down inside you’ve got more potential that is bursting to get out  (but you might not even know what that looks like yet… which is totally fine).
  • You’re playing so many roles (partner, parent, colleague, friend, carer) that sometimes it’s hard to remember who YOU really are (so wouldn’t it be nice to have someone to remind you).  
  • You’re a go-getter who is busy ‘doing life’ and values someone else curating the latest in neuroscience, positive psychology and mindset mastery so you can live your best life – in the simplest way possible. 

What kind of Momentum Maker are you?

Stressed-out Sarah

Lost Lisa

Next level Nicole


When you sign up – the first thing we do is find out which type of ‘Momentum Maker‘ you are. Of course we don’t expect your name to be Sarah, Lisa or Nicole (unless it is!) or that you are EXACTLY like them (as we’re all totally unique humans right) but, we generally find that everyone falls broadly into one of 3 categories when it comes to what’s going on for them right now.

By getting a really good understanding of where YOU are at right now, we can make sure you get the best tailored tips, tools and strategies for taking back control and unleashing that inner potential we all know is there.

So whether you’re a stressed-out Sarah wanting to get out of the overwhelm and ‘busyness’ of life and feel like you’re back on top of everything. A ‘lost Lisa‘ where you’re feeling a little unsure of who YOU really are anymore and what you truly want out of life. Or a ‘next level Nicole‘  who knows there is more potential there, who has lots of plans and dreams but just not quite sure what the next right step is to turn those dreams into reality.


I’m Kerry Dover

Or Kerry D, Kez, (or Kerry Louise to my mum if I’m in trouble!)

I’m a 5ft tall, left handed Virgo from the original ‘middle earth’ (and I’m not talking NZ) who booked a 3 week holiday from the UK to Australia… 14 years ago.

I’ve met Bill Clinton, hold an RAF Marksman, and appeared on the hit show Changing Rooms.

Personal life aside, I’m a trained marketer who started out in publishing and has worked on brands like AFL, NRL, V-Festival, Sensis and Virgin Voyeur. BUT it was when I started working at a consulting firm focused on personal growth and behaviour change (way before they became buzzwords!) training healthcare workers (and actually entire international healthcare systems) in how to get their patients to adopt lifestyle change and positive habits my obsession with human behaviour and performance really began.

Fast forward to today and I now run The Momentum Architects, focusing on helping people take action and move forward by using the latest in neuroscience, NLP, positive psychology and strengths-based training for individuals and teams, alongside my unique ‘momentum formula’ blend of strategy, systems and strengths. 

Success cannot be achieved without action 

Ready? Let’s do this!




Let’s recap…


















Ready to get started? 



Sounds great!



I thought long and hard about the pricing for The Momentum Movement. Many, many people have told me that making it too ‘cheap’ will mean you don’t value it, don’t take it seriously and don’t have ‘enough skin in the game’. Whilst I understand that this is sometimes true, I also need to stick with my principles, and my values. I have created this to help..


To achieve this mission, I need to trust that you will take it seriously no matter how affordable it is and that together we can build an incredible community of like-minded ‘momentum makers’.

 So for that reason, I’m going to ignore the naysayers and tell you that you can be a part of The Momentum Movement membership community FOR LESS THAN THE PRICE OF A COCKTAIL.



Got questions?

Q: I’m already sooooo busy - will I have to do lots of work?

A: This is the funny thing about personal growth and performance – it’s a lot of damn hard work…nah… I’m only kidding. It IS hard because we have to take a deep look at ourselves and sometimes ask questions we’ve never asked before. But… once we’ve unlocked our own personal momentum formula – as strange as it sounds, life becomes a lot easier, we’re actually not as busy because we’re being so intentional.

Often we mistake ‘busyness’ for a lack of clarity or focus, we run around between tasks but never really feel like we accomplish anything – I can’t stop the to-do list (and actually I would never try, I’ll explain why another time) but I do have a whole heap of tricks up my sleeve for getting it under control!

I know you don’t believe me right now, but I promise you I’ve been there, done that, got the t-shirt, but have come out the other side and now get twice as much done as ever before, feel like I am kicking more goals than I ever thought possible and all whilst having more time for ME and the things I love to do.

Is this all about health? Are you just going to tell me to move more and eat better?

A: Nope!… if you need to move move and eat better, that’s on you – I’m not going to tell you WHAT to do, you’re going to set your own personal goals based on what YOU need most. This is about helping you to master your mindset, build great habits, make moves to increase performance, and regain that all important clarity and control.

Q: How long do I have to sign up for?

A: Well that’s up to you!… my aim is to offer you so much value and such an awesome community that you don’t want to leave – but of course, if you decide you’re not ready for the journey or it’s not for you, no hard feelings, you’re free to cancel at any time (which would kick in at the end of your chosen subscription plan)

BUT… I will say, personal growth is not a quick fix – if you sign up to the annual plan then I already know you’re someone who’s prepared to jump on it and commit. Prefer the monthly option – totally fine, take it day by day and test it out to see if the movement is for you – I generally recommend to everyone to give it at least 3 months though which will give you enough time to deep dive in, test out all the community has to offer and start making some change.   

Q: Is this really less than the price of a cocktail (what's the catch)!?

A: Yes! So here’s the deal. I wanted to make this affordable for ALL. I feel so strongly that if we all made a few changes, built greater awareness of our true selves and how we work, we could all operate at such a greater level of performance. We can all do more, achieve more but also find a greater balance amongst the key ‘pillars’ of life. By using our own unique talents, skills, and ‘operating procedure’ if you like to maximum efficiency we can unleash greater potential. Imagine the results if we ALL got a little bit more out of life!?! What would that effect be … massive right! 

So I have purposely set the price point at a level that it becomes a total no-brainer, we have Netflix, Spotify and The Momentum Movement – it’s less than the price of a cocktail in most bars. Give up 1 x espresso martini and get life hacks that will consistently give back.

BUT… this is the catch – at this price point, I also need you to help me out, to share the movement and spread the message far and wide, the more members, the more can be re-invested into great info, tools and resources I can bring to you. If TOGETHER we can spread the message, the more we will all collectively benefit. If everyone referred only 1 other person we can build an incredibly strong and wonderful community that will make the sky the limit for all!

Q: Those monthly goal setting power packs sound intriguing... what do I get?

A: I’m so glad you asked, coz the monthly goal setting power packs are petty damn cool. Firstly, let me say right from the start, your power pack is NOT designed to give you yet more stuff to cram into your already over-stuffed life (see the earlier point about being busy!) these power packs are designed to be part reflection and part planner. It’s your chance to look at what has gone well (or not so well) over the last 30 days and take stock of where you are. It’s then the exciting part of designing how you want the next 30 days to shape up. What you put down is entirely up to you – it’s what YOU want to work on, it’s what YOU want to tweak and shift in your life. The research shows that less than 3% of people actually set goals but that those who do gain massively more momentum and success in life.

Alongside the goal setting power packs, you’ll also get a monthly mini challenge tailored to the type of momentum maker you are. For example – one month you might have a 30 day challenge to get a project thats been languishing at the bottom of a list for a while up and running, or you might have a mini-course on how to reframe negative language and clean up that self-talk, or, it might be a series of exercises designed for you to build healthy habits around an area of your life that is going to give you exponential benefit in other areas, or, it might be a tool designed to help you determine what your energy pattern is like so that you can maximise your energy management each day and give yourself an immediate productivity boost.

Basically – there’s a heap of things waiting for you – but they’ve all been designed to make sure that you can do this WITHOUT having to dedicate a lot of time, yes of course there is an expectation that you will set aside SOME time to work on yourself – but come on now, are you seriously telling me you couldn’t give up and episode or two of the Bold Type to work on yourself and build an even more fabulous future you!?!

Q: What is the philosophy of the movement

A: The underlying philosophy of The Momentum Movement is to create a way for AS MANY people as possible to become the best versions of themselves. I have spent so many years observing and obsessing over human behaviour and working out to create that ‘momentum formula’. I subscribe to the premise that if we’re not growing we’re dying BUT I also truly believe in the 1%er attitude. That is, that we don’t need to give our lives an entire overhaul, we don’t need to throw the entire jigsaw puzzle up in the air. Instead, if we focused on being 1% better today than we were yesterday, in however way that looks, and then 1% better tomorrow than we are today … imagine the result in 1 year from now, in 5 years from now, in 10, in a lifetime!?!    

The Momentum Movement recognises that this is a journey heavily focused on self-awareness, self-discovery and understanding how YOU best create YOUR OWN momentum. For that reason, there’s a heap of different things built in – from challenges, to simple but effective tools you can use day to day, to group coaching calls, to a community all ready to hang out and cheer each other on, to ponder points and things you can take on board and work on at your own pace so you can choose what’s going to work best for you.

And don’t worry, once you sign up I’ll give you a whole bunch of hints as to how to get the most out of your membership WITHOUT overwhelming yourself!

* disclaimer

This program and membership community is not designed as therapy or counselling or all of The Momentum Architects’ training programs, products and services are for people who are healthy, well adjusted, steady, effectively functioning and wanting to make change in their lives or more intentionally focus on a challenge or objective. The style of delivery is purposeful and there may be aspects that challenge you. It is important to note that this is on behalf of your evolution, learning and development. In the event that you feel the need for professional counselling or therapy, it is your responsibility to seek a licensed professional who can provide these services. If currently in therapy or otherwise under the care of a mental health professional, it is your responsibility to consult with your provider regarding the advisability of working with a coach and to make such person aware of the decision to proceed. See the T&Cs for more.