Go on, be honest? How much of an honest person do you think you really are?

On today’s show I’m going to be talking all about honesty as my guest is an expert in the topic having just released a book called Honest to Greatness.

Peter Kozodoy is a keynote and TedX speaker, the CEO of Stradeso and Chief Strategy Office of GEM advertising and his articles have been featured in Inc. Forbes and The Huffington Post.

In our chat, Peter and I talk about….

  • What honesty actually means and we unpack the concept of the hourglass framework of honesty
  • We talk about how there is a difference between being honest TO people and being honest ABOUT people
  • We talk about values and about how you can start to define what your true value are
  • And we talk about the 2 key questions you need to ask in every situation to determine whether you are being honest.

Regardless of how much of an honest person you think you are – this episode may just change your mind.

To find out more about Peter you can connect with him on LINKED IN and check out his book Honest to Greatness on Amazon and all good booksellers.


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