Hands up if you consider yourself a creative person?

My guest this week certainly does – his name is Firdaus Kharas – he is social innovator, speaker, activist and humanitarian.

He’s been named as one of the world’s 50 most talented social innovators, visited over 146 countries, and met Mother Teresa – multiple times.

Through his creative media company Chocoalate Moose Media his work focuses on creating innovative solutions for some of the world’s toughest issues by affecting societal and individual behavioural change through human-centered communications – often through short films and animation.

He builds awareness and education on topics like aids, malaria, refugees, and domestic violence and his work has been viewed by over a billion people in 198 countries and translated into 390 languages.

His new book is called Creativity – the key to a remarkable life and on this episode we get down deep into what creativity really is and why we all need it.

  • We talk about the difference between creativity and innovation
  • We talk about the 8 essential ingredients you need for creativity to thrive.
  • We talk about whether we are born with creativity or whether it is something that can be taught
  • And we talk about why creativity is the key to leading a remarkable life.

A truly fascinating character, to find out more about Firdaus and his work check out: http://chocmoose.com/ and for more info or to get a copy of his new book CREATIVITY: The Key to a Remarkable Life check out: http://creativethinking.global/


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