What would your answer be if someone broke into your house at 3am, put a gun to your head and asked you the ‘why’ (as in ’why do you do what you do’) question?

Andrew Morello has used his answer to the ‘3am gun to your head question’ for many years now to really shape his life and all of his decisions.

Morello is best known for winning the very first Australian Apprentice with Mark Bouris but since then has gone on to be an award-winning entrepreneur, investor and author. He is also a Founding Board Member of Project Gen Z, a social enterprise which runs entrepreneur and development programs for disadvantaged children.

In this wide-ranging chat we talk:

  • all things energy, motivation, and mindset
  • about how to assess opportunities so you know exactly what to say yes to
  • we talk about pivotal life moments and how they shape us into who we are today
  • and why Morello returns to the killing fields in Cambodia every single year

(and I challenge anyone not to want to go and call their mum after listening to this episode!)

A truly enigmatic and inspiring human, you can find out more about ‘all things Morello’ on Insta @andrewmorello

Or for some of his other work check out:

Project Gen Z: www.projectgenz.com.au

Seed Foundation Australia: https://www.seedfoundationaustralia.com.au/

The Entourage: https://www.the-entourage.com/


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