‘Momentum’ is one of my favourite words (you’d never have guessed right!? But when I talk about momentum I’m usually talking about it in the positive sense…gaining momentum to build great habits, gaining momentum on getting stuff done, gaining momentum on building a life that you love.

The last few weeks have seen the momentum around the COVID19 Pandemic explode. What was seen to start with as ‘a bit of a cold’ has escalated at an incredible rate to see the near-on collapse of the global economy, widespread panic, fear and uncertainty, mass job losses and a world grappling to work out how to carry on life away from each other. 

Mike Berland, CEO & Founder of Decode M, a New York based data and insights company isn’t surprised. He analyses momentum for a living and has decoded the data for major brand, global social movements and political powerhouses like Hilary Clinton.

In this episode we deep dive into the science behind momentum including why he thinks that the 2020 US Election will DEFINITELY still go ahead but this time round it will purely be Trump vs Trump.

This is a fascinating discussion around why the true crisis is now nothing to do with health but everything to do with the economy. It’s now going to be a case of which country takes which approach – look after the people or look after the $$ this choice will dictate who comes out the least unscathed in the longer term. 

With a book called ‘Maximum Momentum – how to get it and how to keep’ it there is no-one better placed right now to take the discussion away from arguments over toilet paper and whether bottle shops are ‘essential services’ and to look at the data behind the crisis and how this will eventually end.

To find out more about Mike Berland, check out his his amazing work at Decode M and his new book ‘Maximum Momentum’ available on Amazon

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