The last few weeks have seen all of us scrambling to deal with the ‘new norm’. Whether faced with losing our job or business, whether trying to work out how on earth to teach children from the dining room table, or being left with feelings of anger or frustration or simply bewilderment at the increasing measures of restriction imposed – no-one has been left unaffected.

In trying to work out how best to support people during this time, I approached psychotherapist, strengths coach and trainer, Andrew Sloan.

Andrew describes what he does as bringing a sharper focus to experiences that are ready for change. He works with both individuals when our experience feels stuck, messy and incredibly intense, and also does a lot of work in teams; when they might feel directionless, disengaged and filled with tension.  

He is the master of navigating change, complexity and uncertainty. In his therapeutic sessions, Andrew uses a blend of narrative and somatic therapy and so in this episode, I’ve moved away from the normal style of the podcast and asked him to do a live session with me in the hope that by me talking through some of my feelings and experiences over the last few weeks, I can help you to normalise and understand what is going on.

The result is probably my favourite episode I’ve ever recorded. It’s raw, it’s real, it’s totally unscripted and I gave him full permission to go wherever he needed to go. Andrew gives us some amazing insight into what’s going on for us from a brain and body perspective and some real practical and actionable advice as to how we can navigate these times.

The way he talks about going through stages of shock safety and restore set off massive lightbulbs for me which you can pretty much hear through the microphone.

I loved the way that he blends an explanation of the science and the background with the very real human emotions that we’re all experiencing and that ultimately it’s okay. It’s okay to be wherever we are at right now. It’s okay to be feeling whatever we’re feeling right now. It’s okay to simply be.

His explanation around the sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous system is so eloquent and I think this alone even if you listen to nothing else in this episode will be super helpful for everyone.

I could have talked to Andrew for hours and hours and it will be highly evident that we barely scratch the surface of the incredible knowledge and expertise that he has.

So I truly hope that you enjoy this episode as much as I did and that it serves the purpose that I so want it to serve which is to give everyone, no matter what situation they are in right now some understanding and some clarity around what is going on for us.

To find out more about Andrew and the amazing work that he does you can go to: or connect with him on:



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PLEASE NOTE: this is not designed as counselling or as therapy for you personally and it is not reflective of your particular circumstances. If you are feeling affected by the situation happening currently you should seek professional, individual help and support. There are many services out there including Beyond Blue, Lifeline and many others as well as therapists like Andrew who can help you through.


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Disclaimer: the topics and suggestions discussed on the momentum life project are intended to be general in nature and the information does not constitute individual advice nor take into account your personal circumstances. Always seek the advice of a trained health professional with any questions you may have and before seeking any treatment.

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