Finding herself standing in the Centrelink line, an unemployed single mum of two very small boys, Lisa Burling decided there and then to start a business. A hugely successful career PR, her world had come crashing down around her in 2013 but as she regularly says – when life throws you lemons, you make lemonade.

And make lemonade she did by going on to launch award-winning PR consultancy LBPR, becoming an ambassador for global women’s networks Rare Birds and Ausmumpreneur and now, a published author. Her first book is about to be re-titled and re-released by New Holland Publishers and the first copies will be hitting the shelves within days of this episode going live.

I was dying to ask Lisa all about the process of writing the book, how she reacted when she found out she’s been picked up by a top notch publisher – and of course how that in itself happened. I also delve into her top tips for self-care and how she continually operates at such a high energy level plus finding out all about the ‘Board of Lisa’ (hint, you can have one too!)

I loved this chat with someone who I am fortune enough to count as a friend but also someone who I have enormous respect for and have found to be a massive source of inspiration for me over the years.

As Lisa says – on the other side of fear is everything you ever wanted!

To find out more about Lisa and all of the incredible things that she does and of course to pre-order her brand new book: ‘All it takes is a little gumption’ visit: or check her out on Insta @dreamalittledreamproject

You can also find her at: @lisa_burling_ / @lbpr_consultancy or on Linked In.

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