How many teams are you on? Well for starters, what do you even class as a team? Keegan reckons that if we really think about it, we will discover we’re on at least 5-10 teams. Everything from our family teams, sporting teams, work departments and organising committees.

Known as the ‘team guy’ Keegan has helped some of the largest organisations in Australia and he’s on a mission to put the ‘I’ back in team that we’re so often told to take out!

This episode is all about how we can be more effective team mates to all around us, starting with having a better understanding of what our unique role is within that team (and we’re not just talking the leader vs the workers bees here).

As Keegan says ‘we are individually busy, but not always collectively productive’ – how true is that!

For anyone on a team (hint – that’s all of us even if you’re a solopreneur holed up in your home office) this is a must-listen episode packed with tips on how we can all be better team mates and work together more effectively.

To get more of Keegan check out his website: or you can find him on Linked In. As you’ll hear on the episode, his first book is also coming out in June (yes, I’m holding him to that!) it’s called TeamUp and you can preorder very soon!


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