Hands up – who likes to live a full and meaningful life? We all do right. So now, hands up who wants to live a life of stress and overwhelm and always feel like there’s just too much to do?

It’s a really fine line isn’t it between having a lot on on then feeling like you are slipping into overwhelm. The first can leave us energised, and satisfied with a great sense of accomplishment, of kicking goals and of moving forward. The second, foggy, exhausted, snappy and generally not a great joy to be around.

In this episode I tackle this very question which came from a gorgeous listener Megan asking how on earth do you have a lot of with feeling overwhelmed. I LOVE this question because what Megan is really asking is all about productivity, one of my absolute favourite topics and an area I totally geek-out on.

I cover:

  • What is overwhelm and how to recognise when we’re falling into it
  • Why any kind of stress-reduction is a work in progress
  • And my top 10 tips for getting a lot done but still feeling like you’re not totally drowning

I absolutely love getting questions from listeners and if you have any topics burning away that you want exploring let me know – either I can talk about it or find and expert in the area!

And if you’re someone who wants to have a lot on but keep those dreaded stress levels in check – take a look at the Momentum Movement membership community where you’ll be a part of a like-minded group all sharing tips, tools and resources to dial back that overwhelm but still live a fulfilled and meaningful life.

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Disclaimer: the topics and suggestions discussed on the momentum life project are intended to be general in nature and the information does not constitute individual advice nor take into account your personal circumstances. Always seek the advice of a trained health professional with any questions you may have and before seeking any treatment.

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