Are you the type of person who prefers to fly under the radar? Trying to simply stay out of trouble, towing the line and following the rules? Or do you prefer to follow a different path? A path that is not always easy and can often attract criticism but that you’re certain is a better way?

On today’s show I chat with Mark LeBusque, he’s commonly called The Human Manager, has written a couple of books about robots and starts each morning completing the statement ‘today I choose to be….’

He’s an internationally sought after speaker, facilitator and coach who challenges the traditional view of work and of workplace culture.

In this episode we talk about:

  • Not fitting in and how to have the confidence to do what’s right for you vs trying to please other people
  • We talk about how comparison corrodes confidence
  • We talk about how the traditional system of human performance is based around what you will DO vs how you will BE and why that needs to change
  • We talk about purposeful provocation
  • We talk about how someone once told Mark that he needed to look more stressed as he wasn’t fitting in with the rest of the people in his workplace 
  • And of course we talk about Frankie and Otto – the robots which have now become internationally famous.

So can you actually ‘be human’ at work and still thrive?

For more about Mark and the work that he does check out:



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