As Regional Marketing Manager – Asia Pacific Hotelbeds, Chris moved to Singapore last year from London.

In this episode we chat not only about how to manage remote teams and cultivate organisational culture when you have a staff compromising multiple cultures, but also the challenges of living and working in foreign countries.

Setting up bank accounts, figuring out public transport and working out what to eat are just some of the challenges Chris has found when moving to new countries and especially now moving to Asia with a young family. Although he says it is never easy to do, with two young boys there is now an added layer of complexity to when he experienced living and working in a number of different countries in his 20’s.

We talk through the pros and cons of having a remote team and the value of appreciating each person for who they are as an individual. The key pieces of tech that can help with communication, and why he always makes his team turn on the video when they are having conversations!

His top travel tip – never stop being a tourist!

….because remember, global change starts with individual momentum


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