Emma Jensen is a senior marketing and business leader who is currently head of Virgin Mobile in Australia which is owned by Optus

In this episode we delve into a heap of areas around managing through times of change, the traits of a really effective leader, and why she can’t stand unreliable people!

Emma has some fascinating insights into how she leads teams through times of uncertainty, often doing the opposite to what you would intuitively think is right such as by; doing less, focusing on the narrow vs broad perspective and actively leaning out not in. She also provides some nuggets of gold around building a great team and instilling a great culture through sustainability of people, with the number one takeaway being to have clarity of purpose and ensuring that everyone knows what, and why they are doing what they are being paid to do.

She talks about always wanting to grow both professionally and personally and how a major red flag for her when recruiting new team members is if someone can’t answer questions around what’s next in their development.

An enlightening episode with a truly remarkable leader.

….because remember, global change starts with individual momentum

PS – we mention the Momentum Architects Habit Trackers in this episode – if you’d like one, you can download it HERE


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