Having left a long career in heavy hitting corporates like Kellogg, Nestle and Sara Lee, Chelsea had her ‘eat, pray, love’ moment before Elizabeth Gilbert had written the book and ran off to a Peruvian mediation retreat to ‘find herself’.

Now Chelsea runs Females in Food, an international business coaching and membership group for female ‘foodpreneurs’.  In this episode we talk about aligning head and heart in business and what personality traits it takes to really ‘make it’ in business (and in life).

She talks about how business maturity is really nothing about age or stage of the business but how it is everything to do with the mindset of the entrepreneur or business owner. 

With a zero tolerance policy for her online community being anything but supportive of one another we talk about how tough running a business can be and how she feels there is an increasing trend towards people lashing out at others online because they do have that barrier or anonymity and it’s simply not okay and is really impacting small business owners.

She talks about her morning routine, goal setting habits (and how to manage this as a future-thinker) and what’s next for Females in Food and Chelsea Ford, this is a truly great chat with a truly inspiring woman.

….because remember, global change starts with individual momentum


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