He’s the National Business Development Manager at The Entourage, a childhood cancer survivor, marathon runner and he has 280 items on his bucket list. In this episode, I chat with Grant Purcell, a true example of a ‘momentum maker’ and someone who is living his version of his best life every single day.

Hear from Grant about:

  • Why culture is not all love and pixie dust, it really is all about performance.
  • How The Entourage was voted as being one of Australia’s best places to work and what that looks like on a daily basis.
  • How we can continually perform at a high level by clearing out the clutter and the distraction and how he personally breaks his life up into 8 key areas, has a ‘go to’ person, book or method for each area and clears all other ‘noise’ away to give him the discipline to follow through.
  • Why values are so important that they talk about them at The Entourage every single day and by living and breathing them you can totally change the conversation.
  • And he talks about his views on what makes a truly high performing person and why Jim Rohn was so right with his quote of ‘everybody can, but not everybody will’.

This is a great episode touching on so many aspects of performance, productivity and culture in only 30 minutes! If anyone know about living your best life and how to embody peak performance it’s this guy…who is not only a senior leader at an organisation that is quite literally awarded for their approaches in this area, but who has talked to thousand of business owners and entrepreneurs to gather an unmatched insight into what works and what doesn’t.

The Entourage is the leading educational organisation in the country for business owners and entrepreneurs, find out more about The Entourage at: www.the-entourage.com.au and you can connect with Grant on Linked In or follow him on Instagram @grant_purcell.

….because remember, global change starts with individual momentum

PS – I promised to put the book title I referred to in the show notes – so here it is! Essentialism by Greg McKeown https://gregmckeown.com/book/ (and I did say Jim McKeown on the podcast – so I’m very sorry about that Greg!


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