In this episode Kerry D chats to Ricky Chanana, Managing Director of AUNZ Unruly, the global ad-tech agency which brings unique EQ testing to targeted ad campaigns and was bought by News Corp for 215 million pounds!

Ricky talks about how the biggest success in his organisation is tracking projects not humans. He is on a mission to disrupt traditional HR practices and empower his people through a culture that is curated and cultivated by each and every member of the team.

From flexible core hours to flash Fridays and building a whole collective of Pandas (which by the way includes the option to go and work from any Unruly office in the world for up to 4 weeks without taking any annual leave) – he’s seeing greater productivity, a happier and healthier workforce and positive bottom line results!

Ricky also has an incredible approach to ‘relaxing’ – by not relaxing! For him, he’s tried slowing down, he’s tried switching off but actually what gives him the most clarity, laser-focus and ‘reset’ is by training 5-6 times per week.

This is a great high-energy episode which culminates in Ricky’s ‘triple A’ secret sauce recipe to high performance.

To find out more about Unruly – visit: or you can follow Ricky on Linked In.

….because remember, global change starts with individual momentum


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