In this episode Kerry D chats to Steven Ziebowski. Steve is an Area Leader of Operations and Administration at Wyndham City, where he facilitates the day to day operational management of the Planning and Operations Team within the Early Education and Care Services unit.

As a client of The Momentum Architects, Steve and his team at Wyndham City have embraced a strengths-based approach and implemented the key pillars of The Momentum Architects’ model of life set / stress set / strengths set.

He talks about how discovering his CliftonStrengths profile has been such a game changer not only in enabling him to lead his team more effectively, but also enabling him to communicate better with his direct line manager. It has removed many of their frustration points by better understanding each others’ dominant traits and natural approaches to decision making.

A great insight into how this tool can be used as the foundation to build team performance and development – if this sparks your interest and you want to know what the benefits could be for your team – drop us an email


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Disclaimer: the topics and suggestions discussed on the momentum life project are intended to be general in nature and the information does not constitute individual advice nor take into account your personal circumstances. Always seek the advice of a trained health professional with any questions you may have and before seeking any treatment.

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