Prepare to have your mind blown. This weeks’ guest Dr Sumant ‘Monty’ Badami is an Anthropologist and Ethnographer who runs an organisation called Habitus. He is also an Honorary Associate at Macquarie University, a celebrant, Jazz singer, martial arts instructor, an officer in the Australian Army Reserves and much, much more!

He’s on a mission to make anthropology a household name.

Some of the things we’ll delve into in this episode include: what is anthropology, what is ethnography and why are they different to psychology. How anthropology is leading the way in predictive technology and AI applications. What it means to be human and what has made humans not only survive but also thrive.

We’ll also delve into whether, as a species we’re becoming too specialised and how anthropology is being embraced more and more in organisations not only from an internal culture development viewpoint but also in UX, UI, marketing, sales, product development – any area where we need to understand more about human complexity.

This is truly an incredible chat with a fascinating human!

You can get in touch with Monty through his Habitus  website, on instagram, Linked in  or by emailing

….and remember, global change starts with individual momentum


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