In this episode The Momentum Architects’ Kerry D and Dr M tackle the topic of negative self-talk.

Our thoughts impact our feelings which impact our actions or behaviour which in turn reinforce our thoughts. So if our thoughts are full of negative self talk we can create a feedback loop that can reinforce this negativity.

As humans, we are the only species who are able to think about our thoughts! But are we setting ourselves up for success?

Think about some of the things either you or people around you may say…

  • I will never…
  • They always do…
  • I don’t deserve to…

And if that’s what is coming out of our mouths – it’s often far worse in our heads!

If that is our starting point, how can we expect our behaviour to create positive momentum?

Kerry D talks about the impact having an awareness of her language has had. Often cultural norms mean that we default to the negative. If we can begin to be mindful of what we’re thinking and therefore the impact these thoughts and self-talk is having on our feelings and on our behaviour we can start to break the feedback loop.

Dr M’s suggestion – for every negative thought you catch yourself thinking, counteract it with 3 positive thoughts.

…because remember, global change begins with your individual momentum.


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