In the latest episode of the Momentum Life Project, The Momentum Architects Kerry D and Dr M talk about your circle of influence and how to approach things that you can and cannot control.

Whether situations at work at home or when out and about there are really only 3 outcomes to an issue or challenge:

  1. It’s something you can control
  2. It’s something you can’t control
  3. It’s something that you need more information about in order to know whether you can or can’t control.

Most of us spend too much time worrying about things that we can’t change when our energy and focus may be better served elsewhere.

If it can’t be changed then often it is best to come to the acceptance that we can’t change it and move on (note: that is not to say that we can’t or don’t have a negative charge around the issue or situation but it does mean that we can look at our level of acceptance around it) – sometimes the ultimate control is letting go of control.

And if it IS in your control and you can change the situation or scenario we can move forward towards this, but it then might come with its own challenges as whatever needs changing may actually be quite scary!

But – if we can start to better understand and accept what is and what is not in our control, we can spend more time focusing on the things that are going to provide us positive momentum and growth.

Because remember, your individual momentum can create global change.

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