Often people think that all stress must be bad. But can stress be good? In this episode The Momentum Architects unpack the key types of stress and how to recognise the difference between good and bad stress. 

We all have stressors placed on us every single day – these can be in the form of emotional stress, chemical stress or physical stress.

The key is having an awareness of what stressors we are placing on our system and being able to identify when we’ve created a toxic load vs a healthy balance.

Remember diamonds are only created under pressure and to create momentum there must be some force present so a certain amount of stress is actually good!

E.g. when we need to get something done, the deadline creates a certain amount of stress for us to react and achieve what we need to – the danger is if we are constantly in the state of ‘alarm’ to the point that it’s getting backed up and backed up and we become overwhelmed.

Nowadays being busy and being stressed are often used interchangeably – they are very different things and most of the time when people say they are ‘too busy’ actually simply means they have not managed their time properly.

Would your team benefit from learning more about stress adaptation techniques and how to recognise when good stress is going bad? Get in touch now and find out how we can help.


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