In this episode the Momentum Architects talk about the importance of aligning the ‘heart and head’. If your heart and head are not aligned it can cause much internal wrangling and stress and impact how you show up in the workplace.

When we talk about heart and head, the head is really the process and the heart is the ‘what’s the point’ piece. This then also feeds into the values and values mismatching discussed in Episode 2.

You can hear a misalignment when people start talking about being bored with what they’re doing and looking for the next challenge. Or when their personal values are no longer aligning with the organisation they’re working for.

Kerry D has had a number of conversations recently with people who on paper are at the top of their game but are feeling that the company culture and values are not aligned with their personal values and it’s causing a lot of discomfort and a lot of questions about whether they are in the right place.

Ultimately it all comes back to self-awareness and knowing that alignment of these key areas is vital in order to enable you to create momentum.

Want to ensure your team have alignment of heart and head? Get in touch to find out how to bring this to your organisation.


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