In this episode, Kerry D and Dr M talk about accomplishment vs potential and the difference between. To define these terms: An accomplishment is something that has been successfully achieved whereas potential is the capacity to develop something in the future.

The gaps between these is where our growth and personal development happens but this gap can also sometimes create disharmony within ourselves.

Kerry D discusses these concepts in the realm of Maslow’s hierarchy of needs and talks about ‘Yoda’ (aka Dr M’s mum) who happened to be in the audience at an event where Kerry D was presenting from stage this notion of potential and having more to give and achieve with regards to self-actualisation – a beautiful moment, check out the episode to find out what happened.

The Momentum Architects’ agree that potential is limitless but that also moving to the next level of potential, which in turns becomes accomplishment does not always have to be an entire reinvention of yourself. Small steps and micro improvements can be just as powerful. Kerry D has a number of friends who on the outside appear to be super successful, great careers, very ‘accomplished’ but they are dissatisfied because they feel there is still more to do. Sometimes we need to be a little kinder to ourselves – we’ll get there but we don’t have to be there right now.

The concepts of potential and stepping into the next best version of yourself can be very powerful when brought into the workplace team environment – want to give your team the opportunity to uncover new levels of potential? Get in touch now:

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