In today’s episode the Momentum Architects talk through the pros and cons of the Enneagram assessment.

A little different from some of the other assessments we’ve been delving into this season – this particular test is a modern synthesis of ancient traditions and takes its philosophies from places such as greek mythology, Buddhism and Judaism.

This one has much more of a spiritual outlook and starts to examine the human soul.

As with all of the tests, the results tend to be quite accurate and this one is particularly valuable once you have already done a lot of self development and are already quite self-aware to be able to really start taking things to the next level.

Is it useful to be able to drive organisational change? Maybe, maybe not. As a practical tool, again we feel the CliftonStrengths assessment wins because it’s something that can be used every single day to set intention around what you’re doing and how you want to behave.

As with so many of the tools, the Enneagram is great retroactively in determining why you behaved in a certain way but possibly not as effective in driving future behaviour.

…and remember global change starts with individual momentum!


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