Myers Briggs, or the Myers Briggs Type Indicator to give it its proper name is probably the most popular and widely known of all the tools we’re talking about this season.

Many listeners who have worked in any corporate setting over the last decade or so will have completed this assessment and at one time or another known their 4 letter profile.

This assessment was created by a mother and daughter team who wanted to create a practical application of the work completed by Carl Jung the Swiss Psychiatrist in the 1920’s.

Measuring personality preferences across 4 scales, the end result puts you into one of 16 personality types.

Some of the downsides of this particular tool is the fact that it actively labels us into one of these categories. Doing so can the create limiting beliefs or excuses about why we do, or do not do something.

E.g. ‘oh I’m an introvert so I can’t possibly do that’.

What do you think? Have you completed Myers Briggs and love it? Let us know!


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