Continuing their ‘season of strengths’ and in particular looking at a number of different personality and behaviour assessment tools, The Momentum Architects this week are talking about HBDI (Herrmann Brain Dominance Indicator).

This one is a fascinating cognitive style model that measures and describes thinking preferences in people and is based on some of the learnings around functions of the limbic brain and the cerebral cortex.

The assessment describes 4 key modes of thinking: analytical / sequential / interpersonal / imaginative but where it really comes into its own when used is by actually encouraging whole brain thinking.

Often used to build a common language amongst teams when looking for cultural change, the downside is that thinking preferences may or may not influence behaviour.

(Which is why Dr M and Kerry D’s favourite child remains CliftonStrengths!)

Have you used this in your organisation? Did you find it useful? Has it provided lasting change? Check out the episode and let us know!

Because remember, your individual momentum can create global change.


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