In this episode, the Momentum Architects wrap up the latest season of the Momentum Life Project.

This season, the focus was all about the strengths set – one of the key pillars used by The Momentum Architects in their work with organisations to enhance team performance, culture and motivation (with the other key pillars being what they like to call ‘life set’ and stress set’.

When talking about strengths and about building a strengths-based approach, Dr M and Kerry D are talking about an underlying philosophy of really focusing on potential and a growth mindset to build momentum.

The key to this is knowing yourself and having a really keen awareness of how you operate and how others around you operate and one of the best ways to open the conversation and build the initial foundation for this is through behavioural assessments.

Our favourite is by far the CliftonStrengths assessment as it’s in-depth but practical at the same time (find out more about this in episodes 6 and 12) and can provide great and immediate change in organisations that embrace it.

Also this season we’ve looked at Myers Briggs, HBDI, DISC, Strengths Profile, 16 Personalities and the Enneagram as well as looking at 360 reporting and the various learning styles.

In a nutshell, Dr M and Kerry D believe that in the coming years the change that we will see in our workplaces will be phenomenal. More and more, those inside and outside of the organisation will demand a more purpose-driven approach and organisations that will flourish are those that understand how to create exponential growth starting with their people and enabling them to reach their true potential.

The Momentum Life Project will be back with a new season on 25th April.

…and remember global change starts with individual momentum.


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