In this episode, the Momentum Architects revisit their favourite topic – the CliftonStrengths assessment. In previous episodes they’ve discussed the value of this from an individual perspective and now they’re delving into why it is so great for organisational teams.

The research is showing that there is an ever-increasing disengagement and a lack of motivation from employees as the pressure to perform and drive results keeps growing.

However, if you embrace a strengths-based approach this has been shown not only to positively impact the individual, but also have great results in terms of productivity, performance and profit.

There’s a reason why 90% of the top Fortune 500 companies are using the CliftonStrengths assessment.

It gives a common language to the team and enables team members to explore not only their talents but also those of their colleagues. This greater awareness not only reduces frustration but in turn drives greater performance.

…because remember, positive global change starts with individual momentum


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