In this weeks’ episode The Momentum Architects Dr M and Kerry D delve into 360 reporting and why it can be a fabulous concept but only when used with the right intentions.

Have you faced the ‘annual appraisal’ – you know that once a year meeting with your manager where you pretty much get handed your ‘school report’ based on some arbitrary paperwork that you completed a few weeks earlier.

Kerry D has and once a year was rated on things like ‘did she wear the right colour stockings the majority of the time’ (yes seriously – and no this is probably not legal nowadays).

In the corporate world, reviews and feedback may be structured annually, quarterly, monthly, even weekly. In small business, reviews may not even be conducted or formally structured with feedback simply given based on a particular task or situation in hand.

360 reporting – as the name suggests takes the feedback process away from simply team member and line manager and brings in peers, reports and in some cases clients, suppliers or other stakeholders.

The key is whether the organisation is using it for development or for evaluation.

If used only for evaluation, and linked to pay outcomes then it leaves the whole system open to bias (either positive or negative) whereas if being used for development purposes can open up huge opportunities for the individual and the greater team as a whole.

Do you use 360 reporting in your organisation? What has been your experience? Are you using it for good or for evil!?!

…because remember, global change starts with individual momentum


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