Do you ever get offended by other people? Knowing ‘DISC’ can possibly help you out and reduce some of the frustration!

A lot of the criticism around psychometric tools etc. is that they put people into buckets. For Kerry D though, this is actually one of the elements that she loves about this particular tool. This is because you can use it from a ‘quick snapshot’ perspective to identify what type of person you’re communicating with and amend your style to ensure that the communication is more effective.

E.g. do you send long, detailed emails to only get a 1-word answer back? How do you react to that?

It’s obviously not perfect, you won’t have someone’s profile in front of you when you meet them but you can often ‘guess’ their dominant trait from the 4: D (dominance) / I (influence) / S (steadiness) / C (cautiousness)

(Sometimes these are called different things but the same underlying behaviours apply!)

Want to see what DISC profile you have? Click here to take the test!

…and check out the episode to find out why Dr M and Kerry D can now accept each other’s email style!

Because remember…your individual momentum can create global change.


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