As The Momentum Architects’ discussed in the last episode of the Momentum Life Project (which just happened to be the first episode of the brand new look format and name!) moving to a season style means they are going to focus in more on the key pillars they talk about through their work with organisations.

To kick off, this season is going to be all about strengths – and within that why it’s important to know who we are as individuals and how we operate with others and the benefits of operating from a strengths-based approach.

Businesses use a lot of tools and techniques when trying to get the most out of their people from psychometric testing to 360 reporting to team building sessions etc. Positively impacting performance and productivity can give a massive completive edge.

But… with so many tools out there, which work? Which are simply a ‘nice exercise’ and what can give actionable, long-term results?

Dr M and Kerry D will unpack some of the key tools and techniques on the market over the course of this season including profiling tools such as DISC, Myers Briggs and CliftonStrengths and look at the pros and cons and why they believe some are superior to others.

Because remember…your individual momentum can create global change.


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