The Momentum Life Project is here! The revamped, rebranded and relaunched podcast brought to you by The Momentum Architects.

The Momentum Life Project is designed to help you enhance your personal and professional development and gain maximum momentum in work, life and play.

Setting the scene for the rest of the season this episode revisits where the concept for the Momentum Architects came from – and how an idea sprouted from a weekend in the Barossa, South Australia has developed into a mission to create global impact through individual momentum.

This season is all about the ‘strengths set’. What’s a ‘strength set’? Well, that’s the terminology the Momentum Architects Dr M and Kerry D use to describe one of the key pillars they use in their work with organisations and individuals.

Want to know how to get the same result as someone else but using the approach that suits your natural way of thinking, feeling and behaving better? Check out this season. What to know why you work really well with some people and others frustrate you beyond belief? Check out this season! Want to know what the best ‘personality’ test is to give you practical and actionable momentum in life? Check out this season!

Because remember…your individual momentum can create global change.


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