Building strengths-based teams

Redefining performance development and leveraging individual talent for greater impact on team productivity and effectiveness

Increase motivation and engagement and give your team a strategic edge with a range of performance optimisation programs from The Momentum Architects.

With a faster pace of business than ever before it is vital to stay ahead of the curve. In any organisation, people are the foundation, and skilled, motivated people provide a key strategic advantage in the marketplace.

However, even in the most positive of business cultures, when faced with a heavy workload, or when operating under stress, as individuals we become an amplified version of our natural selves. Our innate talents come to the forefront but often not as the best version of these talents.

What if there was a way to acknowledge, recognise and reframe this? Imagine the benefits to the business if everyone was operating from a place of natural talent.

In fact, it is proven, given the opportunity to approach organisational outcomes from a place of natural talent and strength, motivation increases, engagement improves and profitability and productivity is enhanced.


times more engagement

With people who know their talents and have the opportunity to use them at work.

Source: Gallup


boost in productivity

When team leaders have engaged in strengths education or training.


increase in profitability

In teams, where managers received some form of strengths education.


reduction in turnover

Amongst team members receiving some strengths training.

What others have said

The product delivered from Momentum Architects was exceptional; from the timeliness of reply to the quality of the debrief and coaching of all 34 strengths. The considered and personalised approach definitely gave me a light bulb moment and the confidence and enthusiasm to apply my strengths in both the professional and personal environment.


Senior Member, Australian Defence Force