The Story

The Momentum Architects' story feat. Kerry Dover

The Momentum Architects is a performance design agency supporting humans to become the best versions of themselves.  

Hey I’m Kerry Dover


I’m a 5ft tall, left handed Virgo who comes from the original middle earth (and no, I’m not talking about New Zealand) who took a 3 week holiday to Australia… 14 years ago. And I’m the creator of The Momentum Architects. 

I’m a recovering (okay, still a work in progress) workaholic, total stress-head and utterly obsessed with how to ‘hack’ performance to get the most out of work, life and play. 

I always have at least 5 lists on the go, and my happy place is in ‘creation mode’ surrounded by whiteboards, post it notes and texters. 

But enough about weekends…

My mission in life is to help people unlock their potential and achieve more than they ever thought possible. 


Having gained my ‘stripes’ working on brands such as AFL, NRL and the Virgin Voyeur Magazine, my first business was focused on building foundational brand strategy for small business owners. 

However, what I found was that it wasn’t the implementation piece that was holding these business owners back, it was their mindset.

Having also worked for a number of years at a coaching consultancy, I’d always been pretty obsessed with human behaviour and performance, but by combining what I knew about marketing, business strategy and behaviour change, I discovered that you can build successful humans just the same way as you can build successful businesses; through strategy, systems and strengths.

So I dived head first into experimentation with my clients and myself, into performance hacking, into up-skilling in areas of NLP and positive psychology, into crafting a framework for my own personal momentum formula and in becoming an accredited Gallup CliftonStrengths coach. 

The result; The Momentum Architects, helping others find their own personal momentum formula and unique combination of strategy, systems and strengths, to unlock new levels of potential and to gain maximum momentum in work, life and play. 


The philosophy of The Momentum Architects

The Momentum Architects is focused on helping individuals and teams to take back control, redefine performance and unleash new levels of potential.

Bringing out the best of humans by using the latest in neuroscience, NLP, positive psychology and strengths-based training for individuals and teams.

A few lesser-known facts


This is a hard one and is a toss up between a meerkat (which I feel strongly should be classified as a house pet) and a penguin (not really fussed which type they’re all pretty cool). 


I’m a massive fan of travel so it’s pretty hard to pick just one but Karijini National Park in Western Australia has to still be up there for one of the most incredible places on earth – unspoilt, untapped, incredible scenery and a total ‘find yourself place’.


I was present at the Irish Peace Talks.  


To design a stationery line (okay I’ve started it with The Journal but I would go full Kikki K if I could). 


I have an original silk programme from a performance of Othello in 1891 (which was performed at a theatre my family owned). 


That mastering your mindset is the key to success. 


I’m a qualified PADI Divemaster, once got lost in ‘Shark Alley’ whilst leading a night dive, appeared on ‘Changing Rooms’ (and then got recognised in the street!), am a qualified RAF marksman and still hold the Year 5 sack race record.  

And the name?

…the impetus gained by a moving object.
…a person who is responsible for inventing or realising a particular idea or project.
We are all architects of our own lives. Add momentum and we can uncover areas of potential we would never have thought possible!


…because individual momentum can create global change.