About Us

The Momentum Architects' story

Ultimately The Momentum Architects work to redefine organisational performance. Focusing on the 3 key areas of life set, stress set, and strengths set we enable individuals to become better aware of their own approach to tasks, to situations, and where potential sources of frustration can be found.

We then work with individuals to use this awareness to optimise their own momentum to achieve greater outcomes and alignment across work, life and play. This then naturally leads to increasing effectiveness in the workplace and how the team as a whole operates and performs.

Dr Maria Zuschmann


‘Dr M’ is an award-winning Business Woman, Integrative Chiropractor, Podcaster, Personal Performance Coach, Speaker and Facilitator.

With a desire to create a ripple effect in the world whether that begins with her hands on work to address the brain/body connection, presenting on topics of stress management, or running transformation retreats, she embodies the concept of aligning work, life and play.

Kerry Dover


Kerry Dover, or ‘Kerry D’ as she is known is a Marketing Strategist, Podcaster, Performance Coach and Facilitator. Originally from the UK she spent many years working in marketing and management roles for brands including AFL, NRL, Bigpond, Sensis and Health Coaching Australia.

Also running a strategic marketing consultancy she wholeheartedly embraces the connection of mindset and personal awareness to performance in all areas of life.

Working together as The Momentum Architects, Dr M and Kerry D run in-house sessions for teams around Australia with a fresh take on optimising effectiveness and redefining performance.

And the name?

…the impetus gained by a moving object.
…a person who is responsible for inventing or realising a particular idea or project.
We are all architects of our own lives. Add momentum and we can uncover areas of potential we would never have thought possible! 

…because global change really does start with individual momentum.