The Momentum Life Project podcast is back and season 4 is shifting up a gear with interviews and ‘fireside’ chats with key momentum makers.

To kick things off, we’ve got a cracker of a guest with serial entrepreneur and ‘over achiever’ Julian Van der Waal.

Julian talks all things performance and productivity, cold showers and getting the ‘f’ out of your own way.

Julian is regarded as one of Australia’s most prolific Face to Face Sales Coaches, coaching over 3000 sales agents and developing sales programs that have generated well over $100m. His understanding of the consumer psychology and how to acquire customers has been well documented.

He has failed a heap he says, but also knows exactly what it takes to turn a failure into a success. His ventures span; Solar projects both residential and commercial, fundraising for some of Australia’s most loved organisations, Telecommunications for Optus and AAPT, writing Business Courses and end to end sales programs, he’s owned a Retail Outlet and a restaurant, is currently developing a recruitment platform, CRM and now into the digital signage space with a revolutionary product.

His successes and building of businesses are largely due to a hard, yet supportive upbringing and his dream to give his family everything that he never had in life growing up.

Julian has dedicated his life to helping businesses grow and says that the biggest reward he receives is watching business owners realise and develop the plan that they can to see the success of their hard work

A massive thanks to Julian for being a guest on the Momentum Life Project. If you’d like to bring some high performance into your business check out and find out how we can help.


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