In this episode of the Momentum Life Project, Dr M discusses how she is always right. The issue is, Kerry D is always right too!

There are very few of us who would say we’re always wrong, so it stands a chance that we’re almost always right too!? The issue is that the way we’re wired means that we often have the assumption that we think we’re right, and that everyone should think the same way as us therefore why can’t they just agree that we’re right!

But. We are all different. We all see the world a little bit differently. Intellectually we know this but in practice, it’s often difficult to shift our thinking to appreciate how the lenses we put on the world are not the same as the ones that everyone else wears.

In workplaces – this can cause many conflicts but on the flipside by becoming aware of our own biases it can create phenomenal shifts in momentum as a team.

Dr M also discusses the differences between reactions and responses. Neuroscience tells us that by the time we’re 35 most of our reactions are automated. Words are coming out of our mouth before we’ve even had conscious thought around them. The key to greater development as a person, as a team, as a human is to take a pause, breathe and give the brain a chance to override the reaction from the body to instead give a sensible, considered response. 

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