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The Momentum Architects is a performance design and training company dedicated to boosting potential, redefining performance and building strengths-based teams. Focusing on the 3 key areas of life set, stress set, and strengths set we enable individuals to become better aware of their own approach to tasks, to situations, and where potential sources of frustration can be found.

We then work with individuals to use this awareness to optimise their own momentum to achieve greater outcomes and alignment across work, life and play. This then naturally leads to increasing effectiveness in the workplace and how the team as a whole operates and performs.

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Building strengths-based teams

Are you a Director, HR Manager or Team Leader who recognises that investing in your people and their potential positively impacts performance, productivity and profit.

Maximising personal potential

‘Project : me’ – resources and opportunities for you to supercharge your personal and professional development to gain maximum momentum in work, life and play.

The Podcast

The Momentum Life Project podcast is available on itunes, spotify or your android podcast player of choice. Season-style bite sized episodes on all things mindset, process hacking and team development.

If you want to understand further why we love CliftonStrengths so much and use it as a key foundation tool within our work with organisations – check out:

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In-house change-making

Enhance productivity, redefine performance and increase motivation in your workplace through the momentum method by The Momentum Architects.



Engage The Momentum Architects for your next corporate retreat, conference or training day with keynotes or mini-workshops on how to utilise innate talents to unlock greater potential.


Listen to The Momentum Architects on their regular podcast the Momentum Life Project on all things mindset and motivation for maximum momentum. The podcast is found on iTunes, Spotify and on your Android podcast player of choice.

What others have said

The team at Momentum Architects in particular Kerry Dover has assisted myself and the senior management of the Financial Services Council (FSC) in shifting our thoughts on how to increase engagement from staff members who have participated in the program.

Most importantly highlighted and assisted us in taking into account the differences in approaches between team members using results from qualitative and quantitative testing. We have noticed an all-around marked improvement in the staffs performance and productivity.

Will Mateu

Business Development Manager, Financial Services Council of Australia

A great day full of learning, awareness and acknowledgement with ‘like-minded’ people. Dr M and Kerry D are a wealth of knowledge and experience. 


Logistics Manager, Energy company

We asked The Momentum Architects to come and present to our small team the fundamentals of our group dynamic through a deeper understanding of the CliftonStrengths Assessment. The Momentum Architects not only quickly adapted to our group and individual needs but also managed to enrol everyone in the activities leading to a much better group dynamic. Our off-site days are generally well received and successful, but this one was exceptionally well received and incredibly successful thanks to The Momentum Architects.

Dr Damian Kristof

Director, Vida Lifestyles, Forage Cereal

I can not recommend the Momentum Architects enough! They have really helped my team to gain a better understanding of how they all have individual strengths and how by leaning into these strengths they can become a more cohesive team.

Steven Ziebowski

Area Leader Operations and Administration, Wyndham City Council

Great fun session exploring the team dynamics. Good to challenge the way you do things. 


Director, Your Empire

The product delivered from Momentum Architects was exceptional; from the timeliness of reply to the quality of the debrief and coaching of all 34 strengths. The considered and personalised approach definitely gave me a light bulb moment and the confidence and enthusiasm to apply my strengths in both the professional and personal environment.


Senior Member, Australian Defence Force

Really got me thinking outside the box. Definitely want to implement this with those I spend time with!


Director, Boody

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